Referral links

December 5, 2022. Last updated January 9, 2023.

The following are referral links for the services I use and recommend. If you buy something using one of these links, typically both you and me will get a bonus of some kind. What exactly that bonus is tends to change over time, so this list is likely out of date in that regard. Also, there are often many terms & conditions that need to be met to earn us the bonuses, which I have omitted here; you’ve been warned.

service what you get what I get
Wealthfront—automatic investing $5,000 managed for free for life $5,000 managed for free for life
Aspiration—automatic investing in sustainable businesses I think $25? Can’t find the info page. $50
Interactive Brokers—online securities trading $1 per $100 transferred to account; max $1,000 $200
Grove—luxury, sustainable household products a free welcome kit (soap, sponge, etc. type stuff) $10 off my next order
Google Fi—cell phone service that leases bandwidth from many providers, yielding better coverage and affordable rates, including when traveling internationally $20 off bill $20 off bill
Chargeasap Zeus—best USB-C charger. 270W with built-in display, supports fast charging for most laptops and phones, and is smaller than all chargers with similar features not sure ~$12 for each purchased
instacart $20 off $10 off