Surrealist Hamza

August 16, 2022. Last updated August 16, 2022.

I recently got access to DALL·E, so, as one does, I created some more cat content for the internet.

DALL·E was instructed to to create each image in the style of a different famous artist. Try to guess which artists. Answers are at the bottom.

In case you are unacquainted, let me introduce you to our cat, Hamza. Hamza has lots of fun hobbies. For example, he likes to—unannounced—jump from the floor to a pair of shoulders, scaring the crap out of guests.


Hamza loves flies. Specifically, he loves catching and releasing them until they die of exhaustion.


Hamza loves to pretend fight. His favorite way to pretend fight is by biting, with far too much force, his caretaker’s hands.


Hamza loves to climb his big sisal-wrapped pole and retrieve treats from the top.


However, the pole is not challenging enough, so Hamza also insists on climbing all over our bikes, getting soot all over his face.


Finally, like most cats, Hamza loves to take long naps inside sunbeams.


Recently, Hamza got a red bump on his foot.


So, he had to go to the vet. Hamza did not like the vet.


The vet also saw that Hamza had some gingivitis.


So, Hamza had to get his bump removed and his teeth cleaned. And for a while, he has to wear the cone. He is not pleased with the cone.


That’s all for now. We are all rooting for Hamza’s speedy recovery ❤️

I think there are at least a few stylistic resemblances. Check your answers: